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My struggle to keep up my...

Author Image Scohen18
Joined November 2019

All my life I had problems with my stomach. My family would tell me that IBS runs in the family but I always knew there ... read more


Author Image Sore belly
Joined October 2019

I have been dealing with frequent diarrhea and when it is sold it is tiny pieces smaller than my little finger in diamet... read more

Seeing light at the end o...

Author Image Megan
Joined October 2019

Hello, I am 16 years old with Crohn's disease. I got diagnosed a year ago after dealing with 2 years of medical test... read more

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HELP! Having Hot Flashes/...
Author Image LaurenC29
Joined Nov 11, 2019

Hello! I started with a dry cough, headaches, night sweats and just all over shakey feeling. I was put on an antibiotic but still 4 days later can bar....

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Author Image markse12
Joined Nov 11, 2019

Hi everybody! I have always had a PPO and the last time I changed benefits due to a new job, I had a VERY hard time getting my Inflectra infusions cov....

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Crohn's diet
Author Image shawley
Joined Nov 9, 2019

Thank you thank you for answering! You've been very helpful! Pentasa has only started working after I changed my diet. They were thinking of starting ....

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Expert Q&A

Disease Education

Q. Tengo la enfermedad de Crohn y me gustaría saber si está bien tomar probióticos. ¿Hay algún riesgo de tomándolos junto con mi medicación habitual de Crohn? (I have Crohn’s Disease and would like to know if it is ok to take probiotics. Are there any risk of taking them along with my regular Crohn’s medication?)

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Disease Education

Q. I have 30+ year history of Crohn’s Disease. I have been on Humira for last 8 years with deep remission. I now have excessive and sudden joint stiffness and pain along with minor skin rashes. Can this be related to the medication or just another possible autoimmune issue?

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Q. I have UC and have recently been prescribed uceris rectal foam to manage a flare up. I am supposed to take the med for 2 weeks. I am also breastfeeding my newborn. Is this medication ok to take while breastfeeding?

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