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Very bloated stomach and bad gas

Thu, May 10, 2018 9:48 PM

Hi, I am new to this forum.  I have had Crohn’s for about 10 years and have been overweight.  I also have three other auto-immune diseases.  I have been seeing a nutritionalist to help with my diet and to lose weight.  I have lost 26 lbs, have 30 more to go.  For the majority of my adult life I had been slender and exercised.  I have now been ecersicing again....Fitbit, Pilates and weights.  No matter what ab exercise I do, I look like I am pregnant and have a lot of gas.  My nutritionist recommended that I take a probiotic which had work for awhile with the gas.  Is the big stomach and gas because I have Crohn’s disease....does anyone experience this?  Any advice how to deal with these issues would be greatly appreciated!

FPO Cinnibar
Joined May 10, 2018

Tue, June 12, 2018 3:11 PM

Reply posted for Cinnibar.

Bloating and gas, as well as constipation is all normal...unfortunately.

I currently take VSL#3 (900 billion CFUs 2x a day).  This has curbed some of it, but what I have found that really helps is to go on a 24-48 hour fasting.  Of course, I would research a little about it before doing it but I've done in a few times and it has made me feel a lot better at the end of it.  It's almost like hitting the refresh button on your stomach, but I would suggest easing your way back into eating foods once you are done.

I'd also suggest drinking more tea that has certain anti inflammatory herbs to help calm the stomach down as well as peppermint oil pils.

FPO Brew2487
Joined Jun 12, 2018

Tue, June 12, 2018 7:03 AM

Reply posted for Cinnibar.

Yes, I do have the same symptoms, especially gas.  There are days when I swear I "fart" every 10 minutes, it is absolutely terrible.  I work part time in retail and have no control over the gas, so I might be waiting on a customer and it pops out without warning.  I learned in the past couple of years that along with being alergic to dairy (which I've been alergic to for about 40 years) I am also alergic to gluten (wheat) and egg whites.  It seems like when I inadvertantly eat those things the gas gets much worse.  I have been relentless in trying to find a way to curb the gas but so far without much luck.  If anyone can offer help with this problem, please let me know.

FPO Rosemary
Joined Jun 12, 2018

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