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Holding onto stool for days

Wed, October 28, 2020 6:12 PM

I used to go 10+ times a day and full of blood and it was awful. I've recently started remicade and now I may go once a day or not at all  BUT then I'll have a day where I'll go 10-20 times. Once I start my body won't stop till it empties everything inside me. It's awful and completely cripples me. Has anyone had this issue? Both my doctors don't seem too concerned but I can't live like this. 

FPO Qgray1989
Joined Oct 28, 2020

Sat, January 30, 2021 6:35 PM

Reply posted for Qgray1989.

Hi there! This is some time after your post, but I have uc and have problems with constipation during flare-ups. My doctor has called it my own brand of uc -_- I have tried fluxlon which is a nature laxative but is meant to make your stomach more full to promote passing stool and didn't work much for me. I have also tried standard over the counter laxatives but these tend to be incredibly hard on the bowels. My doctor eventually recommended a specific over the counter medication for chronic constipation that has been effective but not colon destroying. I'm based in Germany so I only know the German name is macrogol-ratiopharm balance. Maybe you could ask your gastroentrologist about laxative alternatives. I hope this helps or that you've found a solution in the meantime.

FPO ucde123
Joined Jan 30, 2021

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