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Chronic Abdominal Pain??

Sat, April 03, 2021 9:11 PM

Hi all. My husband was recently diagnosed with UC in early 2021. He has just recently come off of prednisone and is on Balsalizide and an enema, and his doctor tells us he's in remission, but he is experiencing severe lower abdominal pain that seems to get worse with movement, even though his bowel movements are "normal" (UC normal, so diarrhea 2/3 times a day). He's had every test in the book - blood/urine/fecal samples, CT scan, ultrasound, etc and they can't find anything wrong (except for the UC, of course). Has anyone else experienced pain like this? Is this normal, will he be in pain for ever or does this mean that maybe his UC isn't under control. 

FPO jsydney012
Joined Apr 3, 2021

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