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Sun, September 16, 2018 10:44 PM

I battled ulcerative colitis for years before I finally got my large intestine removed. That was about two years ago. It changed my life. Not necessary in a good way. I had to start working from home, and even now I still have about 12-15 stools a day, but at least I’m no longer constantly in and out of the hospital. I still always have to be looking for a bathroom tho. However... my doctor just wrote me a script of Motofen last week and it has made such a difference that I wanted to share. I guess it’s new. But I took two pills at 4pm, went out for Mexican at 5:30 (which I normally would have gone to the bathroom twice during dinner, then multiple times through the night). I did not have a stool again until 9am the next morning! And semi solid at that. That never happens for me. I won’t probably take it all the time, but I was maxing out on Imodium regularly and still not feeling secure during outings. This will definitely be my go to, and I just wanted to share in case it may help another. And it was free, but I had to print off a coupon from their website. Has anyone else tried this med? And if so do you know how regularly it can be taken?

FPO Leonaray
Joined Sep 16, 2018

Wed, September 19, 2018 4:27 PM

Reply posted for Leonaray.

I haven't had surgery, but I'm starting to consider it more recently. If it comes to that, I'll keep this in mind. Thank you.

FPO kumputer
Joined Jul 19, 2013

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