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Wed, December 05, 2018 11:54 PM

Hi my name is Elaine I’m 56 years old and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1983. So much has occurred since that sad day. I have acquired a few other problems that are attributed to my having Crohn’s.  They are, Rhuemotoid Arthritis, Fybromylgia, Neuropathy and the latest is Peripheral  Artery Disease. Having a Auto-Immune deficiency disease change my life forever. I fight daily not to become depressed.  Tat is for my family’s sake. I am seeing a new doctor soon whom I hope can help me improve my quality of life.  I am so over this fatigue. On top of that lately I have not been able to make it to make it to the restroom on time!  Awful just awful! Stress is my enemy so I do TRY not to engage in any. But life does happen around me so I handle things the best way I can.  Well this is me! I just wanted to say hello and I wanted to share my story. God Bless all of you that are suffering daily.🎄🎅🏼Elaine 

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Joined Dec 5, 2018

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