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Graduate School

Fri, April 02, 2021 10:56 AM

As I am finishing my undergrad and looking to commit to a PhD program, I'm very hesitant to commit to a prestigious place like UC-Berkeley because of how far away from home it is and the potential unnecessary stress that it may bring. I do not have a support network away from home and I was just diagnosed with UC in February (still on immunosuppressants). How has your diagnosis played a role in the decisions you've made? Should I be prioritizing the convenience of staying closer to home? Should I assume I'll be in remission by the time August comes around?

FPO karen2498
Joined Apr 2, 2021

Mon, May 03, 2021 2:14 AM

Reply posted for karen2498.

since I am learning about education, I know that if you need time off extended deadlines or anything like that they have to give it to you. This also applies to jobs. 


FPO Saphorah
Joined May 3, 2021

Mon, May 03, 2021 2:04 AM

Reply posted for karen2498.

I'm pretty sure that you can get whatever accommodations you need to get through the program through federal law. I would neither count on remission happening in a year nor  give up on dreams. If you think you can get in, apply. You can always decide that you don't want to go, drop out, or take a medical leave of absence down the road. If your a phd student you should have a stipend. It won't be rich and glamorous, but you should get health care and some money. My undergraduate degree is from Georgia tech and all the PhD people had stipends.

I am working on my masters in education. The program isn't too rigorous, but it did add a lot of sleepless nights (I had grading for to do when I had flair ups... ;) ).

keep pushing forward. You will make friends that can support you, your family will still be there over video chat. Your dream may not be.

FPO Saphorah
Joined May 3, 2021

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