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Bowel Resection at 19

Mon, February 04, 2019 9:51 AM

Hi all!

this is my first time posting on the site, I’ve never really acknowledged my crohns till recently as it has gotten more severe.
i got diagnosed late in 2017 and did not really have any major symptoms till about May 2018 - this all spontaneously took a turn for the worst when I was told I have an abscess in my terminal ileum back in November. I was put on antibiotics for 6 weeks and have just recently finished this course of medication - I am also on 100mg of Imuran and 9g of Entecort. While on the antibiotics, most of my pain around the abscess disappeared and I was feeling pretty good - however, two days ago the pain returned so I’m kind of anxious as to what that signals (the pain still isn’t as severe as it was though). I have an MRI on Friday to determine what the next steps are, but I’ve been told that bowel resection surgery is a possibility. The surgery itself doesn’t really scare me, it’s just the fact that I’m 19 and have just started my first year at drama school: my dream since I was a child. Performing is the only thing that drives me in my life, and although this wont stop me from trying to achieve my goals in the long term, I was wondering how long after surgery it roughly takes to be able to do dance/ very physical movement? And also, does bowel resection surgery alter the way you move/walk in any way? I have this horrid vision that I won’t be able to perform like I do now and I really would like some insight into whether your body makes a complete, full recovery in terms of mobility.

Thank you.

FPO Ghazialruffai
Joined Feb 4, 2019

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