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Exhausted and hopeless

Fri, April 26, 2019 12:00 PM

Hello dear caregivers, I come today to just type in hopes it will help me to express my frustration, and just to get things off my chest. My husband was diagnosed with crohns in 2006 about 3 months into dating. I knew this was the man I was going to marry... So when he started out of no where having severe stomach pain, severe weight loss, and several trips to the bathroom a day I wasn't about to just walk away... I stayed at his side the entire time. Through tests, drug treatments, etc.. Until finally remicade did the trick. He was back to his old self! Fast forward we married in 2009, since than have had 4 beautiful children 7,6,4 and 2. We are very strong Christians and that's what has pushed us through. The flare ups were many, hospitals stays plenty... He is going through the worse flare-up ever now and today he us getting a second treatment in two weeks of remicade. He just got home from the hospital after a 2 day stay with steroids and morphine through I.v. his weight is dropping rapidly. He is pale, lerhargic, and so forth... He has lost his job, so now we are fighting with Medicaid to approve his treatments. I have this horrible feeling the remicade is no longer helping him.... Going to see how he does after this one today. But I am exhausted... Emotionally, physically, all around exhausted. Taking care of the children, home, school, finances, etc has placed an enormous toll on me and our marriage.... Its so different when children are involved. I am try my best to do everything i can to let him get well. I am terrified of losing our home, etc... Unemployment is giving me a very hard time. He is in so much pain and discomfort.. I don't think I can help anymore. I am developing depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc... Its not good for my kids. Or my husband. I just don't know that I have much more to give. I keep trying to see a light at the end and keep God upfront, but I still am having a very difficult time... Is this a selfish way for me to act? In on my 32 he is 34... I just wish I could sleep for 40 days.... Thank you for listening.

FPO Mrscarolmills86
Joined Apr 26, 2019

Sat, August 17, 2019 7:17 AM

Reply posted for Mrscarolmills86.

First of all I would like to appreciate your strength of doing the things by own. Don't lose hope, things will get better soon, just let this time pass on. After reading of this, I just remembered about one of my cousins, who was also depressed because of his husbands mental condition after the retirement. She got fed up with the daily activities and was not even concentrating on other things. Thus she finally decided to take some help from the elder care lawyer ( who came to their home, and took care of his husband and managed everything related to legal aspects)

FPO Sonpatino
Joined Aug 13, 2019

Tue, April 30, 2019 5:09 AM

Reply posted for Mrscarolmills86.

I’m sorry for your trials and hope things get better soon so you both can have relief. I have a 4 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Chron’s in the end of January. She is doing ok now after a long dose of steroids and now on Imuran. She is off steroids and just on Imuran and we’re hoping and praying the Imuran works for her, but she has a little inflammation back on her blood tests so we may have to put her back on steroids again which we don’t want to do again so soon.
I haven’t tried their sessions since we are early in our daughter’s diagnosis and trusting in her GI’s treatments, but this FB page has a lot of stories of success and is a helpful forum too.

There is a young father with severe Chrons (Tyler Walsh) on the page who did their sessions with great success. Basically with their sessions he found out what his nutrient deficiencies were, found supplements to help with the deficiencies he had and found food triggers and avoids them and now he is doing much much better.

FPO Tiffanyandko
Joined Apr 30, 2019

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