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Parent of two with Crohns

Sun, August 08, 2021 7:36 AM

Hello, I'm new here and would like to know if there is anyone out there that is caring for more than one person with Crohns?  I have two children and they were both diagnosed when they were approximately 18 years old.   They are currently both in remission but I'm very concerned about their future.   I hope to hear from you soon!

FPO rdtst
Joined Aug 8, 2021

Mon, July 25, 2022 5:38 AM

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FPO lihaqacy
Joined Jul 25, 2022

Fri, April 22, 2022 4:29 AM

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I have the same situation. trap the cat

FPO margotcantrell1
Joined Apr 22, 2022

Thu, October 21, 2021 6:16 PM

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Hi, I feel your sense of uncertainty like you. My daughter was diagnosed 3 years ago at 19 with UC and my son at 20 last week with Crohn's. My son is about to graduate with a B.A. this December and my daughter next Spring. I feel like their future is TBD. Good luck

FPO BeccaSamy
Joined Oct 18, 2021

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