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Fri, April 05, 2019 8:03 AM

I had a flare up of CD recently, and though I am not totally in remission, since that time I have had some ongoing symptoms that I am concerned about.  I hope no one minds me describing or discussing them here - if they do, please don't continue reading!

Warning - graphic discussion of symptoms starting.

First, I am a 57 yo women, post-total hysterectomy from 2000.  Diagnosed with CD in 2016.  On Humira for 8 months, not in complete remission.  Recent flare in last week to week and half - when the more severe diarrhea symptoms of CD subsided, I started having intermittent brownish/yellowish, somewhat clear to opaque vaginal discharge with lower abdomen cramping-type pain (reminding me of menstrual cramps but nothing there to be cramping).  When I experience an "episode" of discharge, it is occasionally accompanied by what feels like a quick, sharpish pain and gas through the vagina.  I have had no problems in the past, no abnormal exams, I haven't been on hormone replacement therapy for probably 12 years, and am not sexually active.  I've been tested for all STDs since my last sexual activity so I know it isn't an STD.  

Has anyone had similar symptoms, or had a rectal-vaginal fistula?

FPO crisanderson
Joined Apr 5, 2019

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