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Mon, August 26, 2019 6:30 AM

Hi Ive got ulcerative collitus. Just wondering if cofee was good to cut out and what were the effects of driving it if it was bad for you ?? Ive tried explaning to docs that I think its food related but they have advised me not to cut anything out incase I get worse just had blood transfusions so a bit apprihensive to ignore there advice .I have suggested it could be dairy so Ive cut alot of it put and have cocunut milk in my coffee instead of milk but they just want me to take the meds . Just at a bit of a loose end weather to pay for an allergy test . Thankyou :)

FPO mixy11
Joined Nov 5, 2018

Mon, September 23, 2019 11:34 AM

Reply posted for KRiegel.

Good answer! I concur.

FPO Grumpy
Joined Sep 23, 2019

Thu, September 12, 2019 12:26 PM

Reply posted for mixy11.

Hey Mixy11!

It seems to be a common theme that doctors don't really consider diet to be a trigger for IBD, which is a bit unsettling considering the vast ammount of people that just have to cut out trigger foods in order to find remmission. I can't speak specifcally on coffee, but there are certain foods and food groups that tend to cause more of an issue for IBD than others. The unfortunate thing is that every case is unique, so there isn't really a set diet for everyone to follow. For some it's dairy and gluten, for others it might be sugar. For me personally, its a group of foods referred to as nightshades. This group includes tomatoes, white potatos, eggplants, peppers, and pretty much anything spicy. I woud encourage you to do your own research on foods that you might want to try cutting out. Do necessarily go against what your doctor says (keep taking your meds), but i dont think that research and experimenting with eliminating some food groups would hurt all that much. You may find that your symptoms get exponentially worse when you eat gluten and they get exponentially better when you cut out gluten, or another type of food. 

There are some diets you can try that are specific to IBD or autoimmune diseases that can help you figure out what your triggers foods might be if you have any. 2 such diets are SCD (specific carb diet: and AIP (Autoimmune Protocol:

i hopes this helps and I hopethat through any research you might do, you can at least spark a conversation with your doctor about trying one of these along with your medication to try and get the most out of living a healthier lifestyle.

FPO KRiegel
Joined Feb 4, 2019

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