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i dont see much talk about the gut microbiome

Fri, March 19, 2021 4:34 PM

I was diagnosed 10 months ago.  I know I did it to myself through chronic pain, depression.  I went several years of living on very little sleep, coffee, and due to chronic pain, alot of alcohol.  My body just had enough.  I currently take lialda.

I've read so much science based evidence on the importance of a healthy diverse gut microbiome but I see little if any of this available on this website.  I found one link to a UMASS diet suggestion called IBD- AID diet.  When I looked at their program, it is very similar to what I created for myself.

I understand we all come from different walks of life, genetic issues, different levels of severity and different types of diseases but the evidence is clear that a healthy diverse gut microbiome is essential. 

I suggest people read how important it is to fuel the short chained fatty acids in our gut.  I am not a person to be just given a diet and do it, I wanted to know why and how certain things work.  Yes, everbody's bodies are different and a diet just wont cut it for some.  Like this IBD AID diet, they have 3 phases, they say coffee is ok on a flare up, for me thats impossible.  Unless I am missing this information this site, I am highly disappointed with lack of science based evidence of how important it is to fuel our short chained fatty acids with prebiotic foods. This isn't just some anecdotal experience for me where my gut is 10 times better now.  There is a ton of studies to display of how and why diet is so important in everyone's path to better quality of life.

Oh I forgot to mention, I asked my enterologist about diet for UC and he dismissed it, he just expected me to take lialda the rest of my life and have no qualms about it.  Will never see that doctor again.

FPO doman26
Joined Mar 19, 2021

Fri, November 26, 2021 1:05 AM

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Well this is great site! Would definitely recommend this to my friends. Love the read  Click here

FPO looney
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Thu, November 25, 2021 10:33 PM

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Thanks for sharing this!

FPO Alexpogi
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Mon, April 05, 2021 12:49 PM

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Long response warning: For short version skip below to the ...

I was diagnosed a long time ago, when I was 15, and now I am 24. I, too, asked my doctor about what to eat and got about the same answers you did. He felt like the diets out there were strange, not evidence based, and not likely to help people with their disease. He thought, if anything, I needed to stick to a low residue diet during a flare and then just count on medication to help me through the rest. 

It's almost been 10 years, but medication was not a long term solution to my chronic illness. The medications only work for most people for about 5 years and then have to switch. In the mean time, the side effects of a decreased immune system and steriod hormonal changes effected my life as much as the Crohn's disease. My life looked a lot different than I originally planned ( decreased college, decreased work etc.) However my mother-in-law ,with a different autoimmune much worse than mine (liver hepitiatis), was told that without taking prednisone and immuran and having a liver transplant she would die. She switched to the Anti- inflammatory diet, and has never taken any of these medications and is healthier than I am on Humira, Rhemicaid etc. ( She has 2 jobs and is working on her doctorate). She also takes Alpha Lipoic Acid and Low dose naltrexone.


If you are looking for more evidence and research on Anti-inflammatory diets I would suggest looking into other autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritus ( those patients are often prescribed the same medicines as Crohn's patients and they have found evidence that the diet helps with the arthritus) and things like liver hepatitis. A doctor that has extensively studied alternatives to the regular medication is Dr. Berkson, from the Integrative Medical Center in New Mexico. For recipes try the Paleo diet ( extremely close to the Anti-inflammatory diet except tomatoes are allowed). 

I have done the Anti-inflammatory diet and it also has worked wonders for me. I am not on any medication right now. I also take Alpha Lipoic Acid daily. Ginger (powdered), if I accidently eat something not on the diet that causes problems and turmeric as a daily precaution. I feel so much better. ( I found out about the Anti-Inflammatory diet from a different source and so I didn't try the doctors study about fixing your microbiome, I used the same one my mother-in-law did for her liver hepitatis, but it sounds like a good thing to try)

FPO reed473
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