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8 yr old with Crohn's

Wed, September 06, 2017 2:37 PM

My 8 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's.  She is currently taking Pentasa and prednisone.  I have a few questions: she complains constantly that her throat hurts?  Is that common with inflammation (even though she takes ompersole )

Is it common to find pills in stool?  She has adhd and I always find undisolved pills in her stool and the balls from the pentasa.

Is it normal to go from constant diarrhea for 6 months to severely constipated and then back to diarrhea?  Will she ever have normal bowel movements with out pain? 

FPO Kaiab
Joined Sep 6, 2017

Mon, November 13, 2017 2:36 PM

Reply posted for Kaiab.

Your situation sounds very similar to ours.  Our 8 year old also got diagnosed with Crohn's 3 weeks ago. 
- a couple of weeks ago he also complained about  pain on his throat, then it goes away the next day.. so this happened on and off.  His pediatric dr. thinks it's a result of acid reflex.  He hasn't complain for the past week or so.
- He was also gone through some diarrhea and constipation for several days .. we're told it's commons with Crohn's and to use Miralax when he's constipated.
-Right now, he's on Prednisone to keep his current inflammation under control
-For now, we have decided to try Enteral Feeding Therapy -- 90% formula.  He did well the first week now he's getting tired of drinking so much boost on a daily basis.  Exploring what other options are.  What treatment options did you use?
I wish you daughter and family best of luck.  You are not alone!!

FPO myilma
Joined Nov 13, 2017

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