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22, unremarkable MRI, going for colonoscopy

Fri, June 14, 2019 10:35 PM

Since the end of April I've had a full-pressure feeling in my lower right side that started with some intense sharp pain. Thought it was my appendix because of how debilitating it was just to sit and breathe at my desk,, but the CT scan was fine, was told I must just be constipated and discharged from the ER. Now its been over a month and I've lost 15 lbs, sleep all the time, and still get sudden stabbing pains like someones inside my abdomen trying to cut their way out, with a constant pressure that has not gone away--I can't push my stomach out as it already is to its fullest, and I haven't felt like I'm able to help push my bowel movements out. My stool has changed, I've been having a hard time going but get the urge to often. When I'm able to make a movement its been loose with mucus and recently blood, and very little is even produced 

Had an MRI enterography last week but it came back fine too. GI sent me for more bloodwork, stool sampling, and I now have a colonoscopy/endoscopy set for this coming Monday 

It has been tough not feeling like myself without any answers from the tests I've had already. GI suspects its Crohns and said I wouldn't be the first patient of his who didn't show on an MRI and of course I don't wish anything serious to show on the colon/endoscopy either but if nothing does, that would somewhat suck too as I feel a bit crazy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thoughts or advice

Thanks !


FPO pepperkicker
Joined Jun 14, 2019

Mon, June 17, 2019 5:56 PM

Reply posted for pepperkicker.

Hi, my name is margie, and i was diagnosed a year and half ago.   It feels like a very lonely place, so i am looking to get involved.  From what i am gathering it is very hard to diagnose chrons/colitis.  Well since colitis only lives in large colon, i had the affected area of large intestine removed.  Did feel better but not for long.  I could have the rest of colon removed, and if no more episodes then its been chrons. 
I work and i think you said you were at your desk?  work helps get your mind off it a little.  Any desease is rough, but this one is right up there.  You need everybit of strength to deal with it.  Your newly diagnosed so i would get a 2nd opinion, before you start down this road.  i will be praying for you, and i wil pray that you get into remission soon.  I know, i almost set up my bed in bathroom.  15 times daily, maybe more.  Please stay informed.  Margie

FPO Margaret512
Joined Oct 20, 2018

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