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New diagnosis with negative colonoscopy

Sun, January 10, 2021 12:22 AM

I am so confused. My 20 year old son had a colonoscopy on Dec 17 due to rectal bleeding. Doc said it was UC - he saw three ulcers. Son winds up in hospital this week due to way more bleeding. On the toilet 10+ times in an hour with only blood, no stool.

Admitted to hospital. CT says entire colon affected: "diffuse bowel wall thickening". Then told biopsy results from colonscopy in December do not show any inflammation and none of the biomarkers for inflamation are elevated. 5 - 6 blood tests done this week - ESR Sed rate, C-Reactive Protein totally normal. Platelets normal. White blood cells normal with the exception of one out of 5 tests elevated slightly over normal to 11.1.

It just seems so odd - the CT completed on Dec 1 was normal - the colonoscopy biopsies colleced on dec 17 normal - the inflammatory markers all normal - but his entire colon is inflamed. Could this not be UC? Maybe infection - parasites or fungal (He lived in AZ until this started). Can you have UC without any of these other tests showing positive?


FPO missujen
Joined Jan 9, 2021

Sun, July 11, 2021 1:13 AM

Reply posted for missujen.

Even in remission, IBD patients can still have symptoms related to their disease. Remission doesn't mean that there's no inflammation. It just means that the inflammation is under control and test results haven't worsened. IBD is a chronic illness and unfortunately doesn't really go away. Negative tests can definitely happen. I know this from personal experience. I have Colitis, but I wouldn't say I have the regular UC though. It wasn't until I had my colonoscopy that something "abnormal" was found. I hope that you both find answers in this disease journey! Not a doctor, but I've met other IBD patients in my community and learned about their experiences.   

FPO kbears
Joined Jul 11, 2021

Mon, June 14, 2021 12:35 AM

Reply posted for missujen.

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FPO marcumharrison1
Joined Jun 13, 2021

Tue, February 16, 2021 9:22 PM

Reply posted for missujen.


So...still quite confused. Neither of his colonoscopies showed any histological changes. When he was admitted the ER doc wrote that it was most likely "infectious colitis: and  the previous diagnosis of ulcerative colitis (16 days prior) was "unsupported by History and Physical, clinical studies or lab studies". He felt his pancolitis of an infectious nature. 

They were close to removing his colon on day 4 of his hospital stay due to his continued cramping and bleeding. 

He was sent home on prednisone (oral) and prior to starting his infusions, he was symptom free. He continues to be symptom free - with (sorry for the graphic nature) 1 X per day poop..totally formed, no diarrhea, no blood, no cramping. 

Can you go into remission that fast? Should we be concerned maybe this is not a classic case of pan-colitis? When you are in remission is everything totally back to normal?


FPO missujen
Joined Jan 9, 2021

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