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No medications work for UC

Sat, April 24, 2021 4:25 PM

My now-22-year-old son was diagnosed w/ UC in 2017. Since then, he's tried Entyvio, Remicade, Xeljanz, and now Stelara (not to mention Uceris and Melasomine as supplemental meds), all to no effect. The only things that have hellped have been Prednisone and steroid enemas (esp the latter). The enemas recently put him into remission for the first time, and since he was just a few injections in w/ Stelara (every 4 weeks), we thought he'd turned a corner. Dr. has him slowly tapering off the enemas, and within the first week of not doing them every day, all his symptoms returned. 

Has medication failed anyone else, and what did you do? We're frustrated and desperate. Thank you.

FPO Melle
Joined Apr 24, 2021

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