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Tick bite swelling during remacade

Tue, May 04, 2021 12:20 AM


I'm recently diagnosed and hospitalized with severe ulcerative colitis. Two days ago I had my first remacade infusion and during the infusion a tick bite I received about 5 weeks ago swelled up and quickly subsided after the infusion.

it was a black legged deer tick that had his head fully in me but it was not engourged. I do not believe it was on me longer than a few hours. As such I was not worried about Lyme disease. It did firm a hard bulb for about two weeks then went away and I had forgotten all about it. The was never any bullseye pattern or similar reaction.

Since the reaction during the remacade infusion I have been researching other tick diseases and have found one that I think I could possibly have. Babesiosis.

My doctors did every test possible for TB prior to infusion but they did not, nor did I, think to check for tick borne diseases. Which in hindsight I probably have a much higher chance of having than TB.

Unfortunately, thus far I have been unable to convince my medical team of this. I'm starting to feel the "flu like" symptoms which seem to be common to both remacade and babesiosis. 

im just wondering if anyone has ever had or heard of a similar circumstance? Or if any one has suggestions as to how to get my medical team to check for the tick borne diseases?

Thanks & Best Regards,

FPO AlexSMackay
Joined May 4, 2021

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