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Continuing care while away for college

Fri, March 17, 2017 1:13 PM


I have a family member who (thankfully) is stable and doing well on Remicade.  She has a great doctor and a nice infusion center in Baltimore. However, she is considering going to college in upstate New York and we're getting conflicting information on how it works.  In this situation, does a patient usually leave her established doctor (even if temporarily) and have to have a new doctor in the school location? - whether with the school health service or elsewhere? Most small colleges particularly are unlikely to have IBD specialists.  I'm also thinking for insurance purposes, e.g. for prescribing an infusion - can a "home" doctor just FAX infusion orders to a remote center?  Like I said, getting confusing info and any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks

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Tue, March 21, 2017 9:56 AM

Reply posted for RKS1957.

If the school is out of state of the original doctor she will likely need a local treating physician. I went to college across the country and had my main doctor at home who was "in-charge" and a treating physician at school who saw me occasionally, was there if I had problems, and prescribed my remicade. When I failed remicade I had to see the local doctor more frequently, but it was still my home physician who was guiding the next treatment option. She will need to find a GI who is willing to work in such an arrangement, but not necessarily someone who is an IBD specialist. 

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