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Tue, November 17, 2020 11:29 AM

I am based in the UK currently taking imraldi injection once every two weeks, I am looking to go abroad travelling (Australia, Asia) however the injections need to be kept refrigerated and I have a few limiting factors

I can either try and obtain 6/12 months of medication upfront which I am not sure is possible and then travelling with that amount of medication, keeping it cold in transit and ensuring each accomdation has facilites to keep the medication refrigerated posing a lot of logistical planning. 

The other option would be to try and source medication or at the very least a somewhere I would be able to get more injections. I have read online that places like Australia have an agreement with the UK in which some healthcare can be provided. 

I was just wondering if anyone, who is in the same situation has had an experiance in travelling for an extended period of time and how they managed to keep on top of the their medication

FPO KParmar
Joined Nov 17, 2020

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