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Azathioprine + dermatology

Sun, October 06, 2019 10:01 PM

Recently my gaestro doctor has told me I'll have to see a dermatologist if I'm to continue on azathiorpine.  Apparently the drug plus my age (63) makes me a risk for skin cancer.  I've been on azathiorpine for 15 years and have had no Crohn's symptoms.

I've done some research and apparently the usual thing is for a dermatologist to examine the skin visually - however this is known to have a very high rate of false positives.

Is this something others have gone through?

FPO Brus
Joined Oct 6, 2019

Thu, November 07, 2019 9:17 PM

Reply posted for Brus.

I have been going to the dermatologist while being on azathioprine and am very grateful I have. The dermatologist will initial check for mole size, shape, and color your first visit and will document characteristics of anything that seems atypical. My dermatologist has only removed moles/spots if next year when I do another check-up if they have greatly changed. Any spot that has changed drastically from year to year is worth examining whether it turns to be cancerous or not. I have found that the best dermatologist who act with discretion when deciding to remove something are ones that are in a clinic that doesnt focus as much as cosmetic dermatology work.

FPO Lainey563
Joined Nov 7, 2019

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