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Abdominal excercises cause blockage

Fri, October 16, 2020 10:24 PM

I sort of know the answer to this one (having just Googled).
When I had my first major bowel resection (1976). The hospital forgot I had been on a high dose of hydrocortisone. Having stoped it abruptly, I had a massive infection post surgery. They opened the wound and white stuff flopped out. Since then I have had a nasty wound. Now however (68) the top spills over the bottom (to a degree). I'm not fat but there is (in layman's terms) a discontinuity. I've been trying to stay in shape but ab excercises cause my bowel to block as I have stenosis.

I'm not on any medication (since 2013) just Ensure powder. Humira (my last intervention) made me phytotoxic.

I live in NZ and the public health system is overloaded. They have a formula relating to how many active years you have left versus cost. Doctors don't go looking for trouble in older patients and having had Crohns I don't have medical insurance.

I was thinking that this was a bowel wall matter (needs repair) however from what I have just read it is the way the fascial tissue connects to the bowel and the bowel is the sick part. In which case I'll just hang on in. Unless my symptoms get too bad.

Joined Oct 16, 2020

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