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Starting Remicade

Sat, February 27, 2021 10:52 AM

I was diagnosed with UC in October 2020.  My doctor put me on Mesalimine suppositories at first, then I started a Budesonide course.  I am still have symptoms so now my doctor has proposed that I start Remicade infusions.  Is there anything I should know or do to prepare for this biologic treatment?  I am really hoping that i find some relief with the remicade but am a little worried starting it.  Any advice would be helpful.

FPO mcgillk
Joined Jan 17, 2021

Tue, April 13, 2021 1:33 PM

Reply posted for mcgillk.

Hi!  How are your Remicade treatments going?  I'm looking to start Entyvio, but am wondering why my GI hasn't even mentioned Remicade.  So many posts of here from people who have had good luck with it.  Just curious if Entyvio was even discussed with you, or what reason your doc gave you for going with Remicade.

FPO Tamara L
Joined Apr 11, 2021

Mon, April 05, 2021 4:41 PM

Reply posted for mcgillk.

I just saw your post. I hope your Remicade treatments are working out for you. I have been on Remicade (and now Inflectra) for 19 years for Crohn's.  Prior to that I had tried nearly every other medication.  Since starting on Remicade I haven't had any surgeries and only minor setbacks that a course of prednisone usually took care of.
The infusions do take time though you can move to a rapid infusion process if you tolerate it well . Then it is only a one-hour process. The only issue I am having now, after so many years, is that my veins are getting difficult to access.
Hope Remicade works for you too!

FPO ddp
Joined Nov 14, 2017

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