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COVID 19 Vaccine and Humira

Fri, August 20, 2021 11:22 AM

Hello! Has anyone with severe chronic UC (or even Chron's) on Humira taken the COVID vaccine and had it effect the efficacy of your biologic (did symptoms return)?

Would also be interested to know if anyone who takes a biologic every two weeks but hasn't taken the COVID vaccine yet, has noticed protective qualities wherein they don't get infected with COVID when they are around people that are infected with COVID?

The reason I am asking is because my company looks like it is about to adopt a vaccinate or terminate policy. I haven't taken the vaccine yet because there isn't enough information on how it affects people with severe chronic ulcerative colitis on biologics and I'm worried that it may cause flare ups after years in remission (I take Humira every two weeks for reference). 

I ask the second question because my husband has been sick with COVID. I quarantined with him at home to take care of him and did not get infected with COVID myself and have read some small sample studies (not enough data to be conclusive) that biologics may have a small protective defense against COVID (although not as strong as a vaccine). 

I just feel like there is a lot of information out there but nothing conclusive and with my company about to shift policies, I'm nervous to take the vaccine without more info. 

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences! 

FPO bdestefano87
Joined Aug 20, 2021

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