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Hope for the Suffering

Author Image jaimeahill
Joined August 2018

15 years ago as a 27 year old single woman I was diagnosed with this awful thing called Crohn's. Don't you hate ... read more

Reaching Remission

Author Image elaurer
Joined August 2018

I was 15 years old when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. In December 2015, I was sent to the ER for a CT scan.... read more

story title

Author Image theresaberthels
Joined January 2016

I was just diagnosed in 2014 at 62 years old, but I know I have had this disease a long time. As a matter of fact, I was... read more

Community Forum

Blood Tests and Crohn's D...
Author Image charbs
Joined Oct 31, 2016

There is a company called Prometheus that can diagnose Crohn’s thru a blood test.  It is very expensive.  Hope you have good insurance....

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Blood Tests and Crohn's D...
Author Image bigshorty
Joined Sep 26, 2018

Hi All Just after some information as to whether Crohn's Disease (CD) or Ulcerative Colitis (UC) can be seen during a routine blood test? I'....

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Frustrated & Worn Out
Author Image sj885
Joined Mar 30, 2014

I was diagnosed with UC when I was 13 and have been living with all that comes with the disease for 20 years now. I have been through a lot over the y....

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Expert Q&A


Q. My daughter was diagnosed with UC 20 years ago. After trying many meds she finally was able to get into remission using Remicade every 2 months. She has been doing these infusions for 10 years with no flares. She is now considering getting pregnant. Can she continue to use Remicade during pregnancy? Can she also breastfeeding?

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Special Populations

Q. My friend's son is 14 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease. He is constipated. What type of diet would best suit him?

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Diet & Lifestyle

Q. I am 20 and was diagnosed with mild Crohn’s this summer. I am on Mesalamine (highest dose) and also currently on Budesonide for 8 wks. to get over my flare. I’ve been researching diets and lifestyle changes so that I can try to feel my best. I started trying to go completely gluten free, but is that even necessary? I have read so many different opinions on diets etc. I have been buying organic and cleaner foods but not sure what to do!

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