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UC ENTYVIO The Specifc Ca...

Author Image chercoFL
Joined May 2023

My name is Cheryl, I live in Florida and I was diagnosed with UC as of October 2022,  lower end of bowel only. I ... read more

No where to turn

Author Image sconcitis
Joined May 2023

My 34 yr. old son has severe Crohn's for a decade, diagnosed when he came home from 15 months in Iraq. 3 surgeries (... read more

My Story

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Joined April 2023

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make this post because as I’ve been finishing up my sophomore year of college, I&rs... read more

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Small bowel resection
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Joined Nov 28, 2023

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Joined Dec 8, 2023

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Expert Q&A


Q. I was diagnosed with UC a few months ago. I was put on Uceris then Stelara. I have been in remission since I started the Uceris and am tapering off. I have also been recently diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia (fast resting heart rate), which seemed to start with the UC symptoms. The cardiologist is not worried about it, but cannot explain why it is happening. I have seen that UC can cause a fast heart rate. Is this true? Should it get better if the UC gets better?

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Special Populations

Q. · My son was diagnosed with a Crohn's flare. He started Remicade and methotrexate & having his 3rd infusion next week. More prednisone was also prescribed since his symptoms haven't improved (his doctor said the symptoms might also be side effects of the Remicade). He sleeps all the time, can't work, and is depressed. My son believes the Remicade isn't working and should try Humira. Do you have any recommendations for him?

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Special Populations

Q. I am wondering if there are ways to help reduce my stress levels related to having a chronic illness in the workplace. Should I tell my supervisor that I have IBD? I feel overwhelmed at times at work and feel like I am not able to complete the task needed on time. I am unsure how to cope.

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