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Battles with UC

Author Image pw21houston
Joined January 2018

I was diagnosed with UC in 2008 and it has been hard coping with a chronic condition.  Understanding that your life... read more

How I conquered IBD and d...

Author Image sargunhanda
Joined January 2018

I was diagnosed with IBD 6 years ago, on my 10th birthday. Not the best birthday present, right? I didn't reall... read more

no colon still rollin

Author Image kalifan
Joined January 2018

Being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 16 years old was a hard pill to swallow. Being someone who hated taking pills... read more

Community Forum

Children with Crohns
Author Image taleiasmommy09
Joined Mar 19, 2018

Hello, My 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Crohns last week after suffering bloody diarrhea the last 3 months. She received her first ....

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Author Image sukmajayaherbal
Joined Mar 22, 2018

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Anxiety from Medications
Author Image Bcook9482
Joined Mar 21, 2018

Hi! My name is Bobbie Cook.I am female and I was diagnosed with Chrons Disease Feb. 20th 2006. I went through all the uncertainty and acceptance issue....

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Expert Q&A

Diet & Lifestyle

Q. Our 9-yr old was diagnosed with Crohn's 8 weeks ago, and is on Remicade. He is on a mostly liquid diet. Because the protein drinks are coming 3 times/day, he started fighting us and not wanting to drink them. Each and every bottle is a battle that has just worn us down emotionally. We're at our wits and creativity end trying to find ways for him to take them. We've tried Special-K chocolate, Ensure Clear, and Carnation Breakfast. This is so very, draining. Any advice is much appreciated.

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Diet & Lifestyle

Q. I was in remission for about 8 months. Recently I had a flare and my doctor wants me to go on Imuran. I have been to the point of having a mental and nervous breakdown over this due to my fear of the cancer side effects. The 2 specialists I saw say to weigh the risks and I know the risks of the flare, however, I literally cannot function or enjoy life at the prospect of taking a medicine that could kill me. This is dramatic but I haven’t been able to cope with this and need help.

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Diet & Lifestyle

Q. My mom thinks I am researching and educating myself on Crohn's because I want attention, wants to lay down and be a "bum" all my life and want pain meds and thinks I'm making up the pain and the whole diagnosis. Says she knows people who have it and are never in pain so I must just want a fix and thinks I'm making myself sick (throwing up and diarrhea) She's causing me more stress and depression. What can I do to inform her better or something?

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