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Colitis and Working out

Author Image arniestrebe
Joined August 2019

I was diagnosed in 2008.  I was misdiagnosed in 2007 and was told I had hemorrhoids and that's why I was bleedi... read more

My story

Author Image LeslieAnaya
Joined August 2019

Hi y’all  my name is Leslie and I’m 18 year old and I was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and th... read more

So far

Author Image Audlou1
Joined August 2019

I got diagnosed in Fall of last year when I was 14. I had lost 23 pounds and had abdominal pain for weeks. I was very fa... read more

Community Forum

Medication during pregnan...
Author Image Cronie1
Joined Aug 23, 2019

What is more dangerous to be on throughout pregnancy; stelara or prednisolone? 5mg prednisolone keeps my cal protectin at around 48. I dont know wheth....

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Has anybody tried medicin...
Author Image alfredashford
Joined Jul 9, 2019

If you are living in Baytown, TX. You must use Cruzan Farms Hemp oil. They have the premium quality of CBD products.

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I have been newly diognos...
Author Image Jonah
Joined Aug 22, 2019

I was diagnosed back in July, my first doctor really didn’t know what he was doing. Funny story, as he took me to the colonoscopy he was laughin....

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Expert Q&A

Disease Education

Q. I recently started Imuran. What preventive measures do you recommend on this drug to help avoid infectious risk? I fly a lot. Should I wear a mask on the plane? I work in a busy family practice medical clinic. Should I change my job if that is an option to avoid so much viral exposure?

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Disease Education

Q. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in January 2019. Starting in February my tongue has been white. I was checked for thrush and it came back negative. My dentist told me to use a tongue scraper but that doesn't seem to be helping. Can thrush be related to my Crohn’s?

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Q. I’ve had ulcerative colitis for over 20 years. Years ago, I tried Asacol and had an allergic reaction have been told I am allergic to the main ingredient in most uc drugs. I am currently on budesonide and mercaptopurine. I was wondering if some of the new drugs in shot form are safer than steroids. I want to get off long term use of steroids and don’t know the name of the new drugs to ask for.

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