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Is my immune system too s...

Author Image MarkRimer
Joined September 2019

I was diagnosed with UC on 9/11/17 so just about 2 years ago exactly and it’s been a grind to say the least.  ... read more

Having Colitis

Author Image gandy124
Joined September 2019

Hi My name is Yenny and I am from Colombia. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis´s desease in March 2019. One y... read more

Drug free since diagnosis

Author Image nrustigi
Joined August 2019

In 2005, I entered my freshman year of college. I was super sick and was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease by... read more

Community Forum

Author Image ilovedevon
Joined Sep 27, 2014

I have the same thing...I am tired ALL the time. My disease is pretty well managed as far as inflammation goes and all my bloodwork comes back normal.....

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Author Image Eddy11
Joined Sep 15, 2019

I think Perfect Keto is related much to health issues, If you want to try this, my advise is using coupon to save money since it costs a lot. One more....

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Hair loss
Author Image DermaCareClinic
Joined Sep 16, 2019

All are saying right. Hair regrowth treatment is finished by the use of stem cell therapy where the pores of hair scalp are introduced with new stem c....

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Special Populations

Q. My 12-year-old son was diagnosed with UC/pancolitis in March 2018. He is trying different meds.He says he has constant stomach pain. Sometimes it is worse than other times, but it never fully goes away. A lot of the time he does not want to go to school because of fatigue and hurting but then he will cut up with friends and play xbox in his room. This disease is new to both of us and I am trying to understand what he is going through. How can I best support him?

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Special Populations

Q. My 13 old son was diagnosed w/mild case of Crohn's a year ago. Pentasa is not working for him and the Dr wants him to go on a biologic. Entyvio seems safest from what I have been reading. Can children be on Entyvio or should another biologic be tried first?

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Special Populations

Q. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with UC, with high grade dysplasia in her colon and low grade dysplasia in her small intestine. She started Prednisone and mesalamine 6 days ago. After consulting with other adult doctors, they have recommended she start Humira or Remicade. Both of these drugs seem pretty serious but is one preferred over the other. They want to scope her again in 3-5 months. Does dysplasia usually go away when the inflammation is reduced?

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