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My Story and coping with ...

Author Image Char
Joined August 2021

Hi everyone! My names Char and I am so happy to of heard of this site, reading your stories has made me feel less alone ... read more

Living With Crohns

Author Image RachO18
Joined June 2021

Hello I’m Rachel I’m 17 years old living with Crohn’s Disease, been living with it for 8 years and had... read more

I am a CD patient in Chin...

Author Image zyzstat
Joined June 2021

TBO, this is the first time that I write down my story of Crohn’s diseases. It’s rare to see a Chinese Stor... read more

Community Forum

Author Image ReReJean79class
Joined Oct 24, 2021

I have had no side affects on Entyvio for 2 years. Unfortunately it has stopped working. Does anyone know if it's hard for my GI. to get insurance....

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Newly diagnosed and so lo...
Author Image michaelpond5782
Joined Oct 27, 2021

Having a crohns will surely gives you a lot of pain and distress. I hope that you will get better soon! couples therapist

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elbow/tendon pain during ...
Author Image Allison
Joined Jul 24, 2021

Yes, I also have UC and even though I am on Humira I sometimes get flareups in my joints and espeically my elbows. The pain usually subsides after a f....

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Expert Q&A

Diet & Lifestyle

Q. How does one find the proper nutrition plan when you have Crohn’s & Hashimoto’s. Not only that but I have issues digesting meat, I’m gluten sensitive, lactose intolerant & I was first diagnosed w/ IBS-C (emphasis on C) I’ve gone in circles for 6 years trying to figure out the nutrition by myself & my brain is fried. I’ve also done the autoimmune protocol several times & now I’m here.

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Diet & Lifestyle

Q. I have Crohn's disease and have already had two surgeries. I am currently taking Stelara every 6 weeks which is not strong enough. So my doctor has added Budesonide. I am still having problems even though I take both these medications and eat basically grill chicken and salads. I can not figure out what options I have when it comes to what to eat. I am getting burnt out on grilled chicken. Can you help with some different food options?

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Diet & Lifestyle

Q. Hello, I was just in the hospital a few weeks ago. The doctor diagnosed me with Colitis and my questions is "What diet would you recommend?". I am writing down what I eat, but it's minimal since now I'm afraid to eat. I cut out meats, coffee, hot sauce and alcohol. What vegetables are ok to consume and which do I avoid? I appreciate any feedback.

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