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My Life With UC

Author Image VNels
Joined April 2021

As a child, I was always sick - stomach flu, sore throats, ear infections, constant diarrhea. No one seemed to know why,... read more

My life with my disease

Author Image Leora Ballerina
Joined March 2021

Hi. My name is Leora. I started feeling an awful pain in my stomach a little over a year ago.  The pain quickly sp... read more

Emotions and Diagnosis

Author Image Bassoons1
Joined March 2021

Hey! My official diagnosis of Crohn`s disease just came in today. This was a pretty momentous occasion for ... read more

Community Forum

REMICADE for years, now a...
Author Image AndrewA
Joined May 6, 2021

I have never seen anyone on both. Are you sure there was going to be a combo of the two drugs or switching over? Switching could be effective since St....

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REMICADE for years, now a...
Author Image kerismom
Joined Sep 7, 2008

Hello, My daughter has been on REMICADE for about 12 years, but it doesn't seem to be working as well. Her doctor wants to add Stelara to her reg....

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Shock of diagnosis
Author Image Tuttsy
Joined May 7, 2021

Hi everyone, I have very recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I had what they call a "flare up" and was admitted to hopital. I ....

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Expert Q&A

Disease Education

Q. I had my second COVID 19 vaccine 2 days ago. I have been very frightened of contracting COVID since losing a 31-y-old cousin to the disease and have not been getting together with family/friends. At my vaccine appointment, I was told that it may take me longer to get full efficacy of the vaccine than other people because I have Crohn’s and take Stelara, which suppresses my immune system. I wasn’t told how much longer to wait to get together with others. How much longer should I wait?

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Diet & Lifestyle

Q. I am 21 years old and have been diagnosed with Crohn’s this last month. I am really leaning more towards not taking any medication. Instead taking vitamins and supplements along with cannabis. I have found that helps the most. Is it necessary to take prescription medication, if I have found a way to be in remission?

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Q. I have been on Remicade/Inflectra for 19 years. I receive infusions every 8 weeks along with blood draws as necessary. Because of so many years of this (and maybe because of my age - 64), my veins can be difficult to access. I only have 2 that the clinic seems to be able to use. I am considering a port. My GI is okay with it but I am still on the fence. What are the pros and cons of a port?

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