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Long stressful story

Author Image LisaC00
Joined Apr 22, 2024

I had been sick all of last year to this year I've been in and out of doctors appointments and hospital all told me ... read more

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Author Image Julia529
Joined Mar 3, 2024

Freedom from fistula

My healing journey started when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitits when I was 23 years old. I was a Flight Attenda... read more

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Author Image leondeful
Joined Feb 18, 2024

How Ulcerative Colitis ch...

How Ulcerative Colitis changed my life By Leon C. DeFulgentis           ... read more

Remission for twenty year...

Author Image Rebarrio
Joined Dec 18, 2023

Hello!  I'm a 47 year old female who was diagnosed used with Crohns about 20 years ago.  I have been in re... read more

Years of complications

Author Image Busybeads
Joined Nov 1, 2023

I was originally diagnosed in 2005 with Crohn's Disease.  In 2006, I didn't feel quite right.  I had t... read more

New Diagnosis Ulcerative ...

Author Image gnewton100
Joined Sep 30, 2023

It seems I have always had digestive problems but a few months ago the daily diarrhea started.  It was almost const... read more

Getting diagnosed with IB...

Author Image NitishB
Joined Jul 12, 2023

Hi, I’m a high school senior. This is my IBD story.   It was March of 2020. I was at a 2-day Model... read more

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Author Image chercoFL
Joined May 10, 2023

UC ENTYVIO The Specifc Ca...

My name is Cheryl, I live in Florida and I was diagnosed with UC as of October 2022,  lower end of bowel only. I ... read more

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Author Image sconcitis
Joined May 6, 2023

No where to turn

My 34 yr. old son has severe Crohn's for a decade, diagnosed when he came home from 15 months in Iraq. 3 surgeries (... read more