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Author Image lydonk
Joined Mar 28, 2019

New to Crohns

My story is similar to others:  new diagnosis of Crohn's, but in hindsight, this has been going on for years!! ... read more


Author Image kirstenhearnes
Joined Mar 14, 2019

Dear Crohn's disease, You suck. Even on the days I'm not in pain, everything I do is in your shadow. Going runn... read more

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Author Image LRaybeaches
Joined Mar 8, 2019

Crohns its a Blast

I was diagnosed in 2009, however in hind-site, my symptoms began in my early teens.  About the age of 13, I had a m... read more

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Author Image Mommaof2
Joined Feb 21, 2019

The struggle is real

I was diagnosed in 2010 with severe crohns. I am on Entyvio infusion every 4 weeks. I take prednisone and methotrexate. ... read more

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Author Image Lee717
Joined Feb 10, 2019

This disease sucks

I have had UC for 34 years.....It is the worst disease ever.....No one understands how we suffer I had Dysplasia in 200... read more

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Author Image Biya24
Joined Feb 3, 2019

Is it IBD

Hi Im biya, Im 21 years old. I had a bout of bloody diarrhea just after my sisters wedding and unfortunately I had exams... read more

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Author Image Crohnnie
Joined Feb 1, 2019

Long term Crohnnie

I’m so glad to have found this forum.  I was dx’d about 13 years ago, and was ill long before that. &nb... read more

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Author Image Sheree Evans
Joined Jan 30, 2019

Inflammatory Story

I am writing this on behalf of my boyfriend, David, He doesnt read or write, I am his care giver, - David has been recen... read more

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Author Image rgilbert
Joined Jan 22, 2019

Newly Diagnosed

Recently diagnosed. After my second bowel obstruction in two years I was diagnosed with Crohn's. I may have had it f... read more