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Author Image JRWILSON
Joined Jan 14, 2019


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in July 2010... Actually my original diagnosis was in May 2010 but I thought the... read more

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Author Image EveIrizarry16
Joined Jan 12, 2019

Crohns warrior

Hello all, my name is Eve I was recently diagnosed with crohns. I actually never even heard of it until I was diagnosed.... read more

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Author Image lisanobles
Joined Jan 10, 2019

Back in the hospital

I really hate waiting for cdiff results....I work here and Im praying for a negative result. This is my 3rd time being a... read more

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Author Image Zjhadae
Joined Jan 9, 2019

Theres hope

In july of 2012 I was diagnosed with Crohns disease, I had symptoms for 2 years previous to this and no one batted an ey... read more

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Author Image TDMW
Joined Jan 3, 2019

Our Story

I watched my son nearly die.  He had had Crohn's and had been treated with medications and chemos that didn'... read more


Author Image mierantss
Joined Jan 2, 2019

I’m really new to everything so please bare with me. I had a great summer , I made new friends and was very conten... read more

UC and college

Author Image bri
Joined Dec 16, 2018

Hi, my name is Bri and a few months ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis. I am currently a college senior, but ... read more

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Author Image mluckett93
Joined Dec 11, 2018

Crohns or Not

My name is Marlana and I was diagnosed with CD in 2011. At the time I was 16/17. I was on all kinds of medication, predn... read more

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Author Image Lashawna17
Joined Nov 27, 2018

Chrons disease is hard

Hi I am 18 years old and I have chrons disease I got dignosed around 2016 after I got dignosed it’s been hard for ... read more