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CURE FOR COLITIS- free from medications

Mon, July 16, 2018 8:13 AM

HI Everyone,

I was diagnosed with colitis just before my 25th birthday ( 4 years ago) 

I had the usual symptoms: Blood & Mucus in stool, dirrhea, cramping, urgency.

+ i developed severe cystic acne

I was prescribed asacol 2x per day.

I started to do research and tried to find the cure. Is been a long way since but i stopped my meds 2.5 years ago- no blood/ flare since.


I started juicing a lot- carrot + cabbage juice ( freshly pressed) is great- i was drinking this every day at 1x sometimes 2x per day.
Add some ginger root + tumeric root.
Skip cabbage if you cant handle it for now.
Test drinking only celery juice + other green juices

I stopped dairy, gluten, sugar ( only fruits now), bred, coffee, alkohol etc - this + juicing and eating anti - inflammatory diet. + lots of berries( strawberries, blueberries) Bananas  are great- soothing in smoothies 

But you need to try what fruits, berries, veggies work for you.

For the past 2 years i was eating veggies with lean protein (chicken + salmon)

Now for 9 months i have been reating raw vegan- to cure my acne as i dont have colitis symptoms ( some urgency and fatigue sometimes but otherwise ok) 

But i have acne and i cannot take accutane so i need to cure it naturally- 
Ive done juice fast- really good for colitis to give digestive system a rest!

Check documentary " Fat sick and nearly dead"
Check out FullyRawKristina, Montreal Healthy Girl ( Youtube), Dr Robert Morse on youtube.

+ research and test- there is NO one cure but i belive that eating anti-inflammatory diet is a must if you want to heal.

 Smoothies are great with fresh berries and fruit you can tolerate, cooked, steamed or raw veggies, fasting on juice, ( carrot juice is very healing + cabbage juice cures ulcers)

If you need more info write to me in Instagram @Rawfoodel- im happy to share what i know and glad if i could help someone- thats why i write here <3

I belive its possible to cure colitis without medication- it takes time, consistency and determination.



FPO Rawfoodel
Joined Jul 16, 2018

Mon, September 17, 2018 7:57 AM

Reply posted for rproodmd.

This is my story and thousands have been cured on this lifestyle. This is sth that everuone can take or leave. I just want to share my knowledge and help others. If you choose to believe traditional medicine and choose to pop pills till the rest of your life its ok. I just share info. Everyone can do their own research. I was just always inspired of such success stories and found difficult to find info

FPO Rawfoodel
Joined Jul 16, 2018

Sun, September 16, 2018 9:59 PM

Reply posted for Rawfoodel.

Unfortunately these are chronic diseaes that can go into spontaneous remission.  That fact makes it difficult to meke claims about therapeutics without propperly controlled trials.  The CCFA is doing a conttrolled mediteranian diet looking at inflammatory markers that may give some insights into the diet-inflammation-disease axis.  For the general masses, I would not recommend abandonment of traditional medicine for complimentary medicine.

FPO rproodmd
Joined Sep 15, 2018

Tue, July 17, 2018 3:02 PM

Reply posted for Rawfoodel.

Thank you

FPO Rwakim
Joined Jul 17, 2018

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