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Sun, December 01, 2019 8:09 AM

Hey, I'm hoping someone out there can offer some advice! In 2013 I was diagnosed with Proctitis (a mild form of UC). Since then, I've mainly used suppositories for a period that would help reduce symptoms (blood). Since a colonoscopy in 2018, I have added oral Octasa to my medication, in addition to Pentasa suppositories. Now after a few months I did go into full remission for 4 months until one day blood came back and I have been using suppositories ever since. My doctor wants me to go on Azathioprine. Does this seem like an extreme medication for Proctitis? My day to day life is unaffected , I just see blood, I fear the azathioprine will make my life worse having read such 50/50 reviews. I could understand if I had a more severe colitis, or my daily life was hell, but it's not. Anyone got any thoughts? Am I missing something? Are there other meds anyone has had success with that won't mess me up?

Joined Dec 1, 2019

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