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recently diagnosed: what to do about fatigue and back pain?

Sun, February 21, 2021 8:55 PM

I just learned about this forum and I'm really glad there are others that I can talk to about this.

I was diagnosed with UC about a month and a half ago, although I’ve had symptoms for around 9 years and I don’t know if it was misdiagnosed or I have something else as well. I was previously diagnosed with SIBO, IBS, GERD and leaky-gut, but the treatment for these didn’t help, and a few months ago I started having blood in my stool and the doctors decided to do a colonoscopy.

I was really relieved to finally have a diagnosis that makes sense because I've been sick for so long, and I was tired of having people ask me if maybe it was all in my head. But the treatment I’ve gotten so far has only slightly improved symptoms. I was given mesalamine to take ongoing, as well as a hydrocortisone enema for one month. I started getting better after a few weeks but I still had a lot of fatigue and nausea, and after I stopped the hydrocortisone I started getting severe back pain again. I have tried physical therapy and acupuncture and chiropractic care but none of them worked, probably because it’s caused by the UC and not a mechanical issue.

I’ve always tried to eat well and take care of myself, but I don’t know what I should eat and how to make myself get better. I’ve been sleeping so much, and I just feel sick almost all the time. I'm 34 but I'm in more pain than most 70 year olds.

I've heard everyone has to figure out the diet that works best for them, but I've tried tons of different diets and none of them work consistently for me. I would appreciate hearing from others about what they found helps for them.

Also, what have you guys found to help with fatigue and back pain?

I'd definitely appreciate hearing about other peoples' experiences. Thanks!

FPO ericakatya
Joined Feb 21, 2021

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