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Wed, August 19, 2020 6:32 AM


I am a 25 year old, I was diagnosed with a perianal and vaginal abcess almost 3 years ago which actually turnt out to be an 8cm perianal fistula and a 3cm rectovaginal fistula, I had a seton stitch put in place about a year ago and am waiting the next steps which will probably be a flap (similar to a skin graph from what I understand) 

Has anyone got any tips, any experiences they can share if you have had similar problem to me or if your new to this and you want to ask me for advise please do! 

FPO Patricia94
Joined Aug 3, 2019

Wed, November 18, 2020 11:09 AM

Reply posted for rakky366.

Hi - I'm sorry to hear what your son is going through. From my experience, I would definitely recommend getting a second opinion. I have done this before and it led to me avoiding having a very serious (and according to the 2nd doctor, highly unnecessary) surgery.

FPO CrohnsKid
Joined Oct 31, 2020

Sat, November 14, 2020 9:41 PM

Reply posted for CrohnsKid.

Hi how you all ! my son is 14 years old and in 3 year with crohn he had 3 setons already in diferent time  first one jan 2020 ,second one june 2020 and last one november 2020 ,back to back and now DRS decide to do  a J pouch surgery i need some opinion im thinkin to get a second opinion with anothers DR ,but we stared the liquid diet with viral suplements precrave by dr and 300 calories per day of any regular food ,excluding spicy , fry ,i will like toear from someone thanks

FPO rakky366
Joined Nov 14, 2020

Sat, October 31, 2020 11:08 AM

Reply posted for Patricia94.

Hey :) Hope you're well! I saw your message and wanted to get in touch. I've had Crohns Disease for 14 years and had my first 2 setons 8 years ago following developing an abscess. Recently I had to have 2 emergency surgeries within 2 weeks due to additional abscesses, and now have a 3rd seton. How are you getting on with everything? I've never met anyone else who has setons so interested to know how you handle living with them? Laura :)

FPO CrohnsKid
Joined Oct 31, 2020

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