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Fri, December 18, 2020 2:01 PM

Hi everyone!
I'm new here and am glad that I found this forum. My husband is in the middle of a flare, after being in remission for several years, and is understandably struggling. I hate seeing him hurting, and want to provide the best support I can. Do any caregivers have tips on

- Nice ways to show support/encouragement? 
- Special foods/recipes that have worked well when their loved one is in a flare?

He is especially bummed that it's happening now when he's trying to enjoy the holidays and the goodies that come with it.


FPO laurenlc
Joined Dec 18, 2020

Sun, December 20, 2020 8:01 PM

Reply posted for laurenlc.

I'm also new on this site, and in the middle of a flare up, too, after a few years without a serious one. 

The first thing I did was go on a purely liquid diet so that I could let my gut rest and heal.  Then I added pureed foods (in my case, mashed potatoes).  Being relatively impatient, I then tried to add ground chicken, because it's easier to digest than other types of animal protein, but it was too soon, so I had a bit of a set back.

If he decides to try this, the amount of time he spends on each step depends on his own body's response, so he just has to pay attention to what he's feeling and not try to push himself to eat difficult to digest foods too soon and back off when/if he has a bad reaction to what he eats.

When some of his symptoms go away, he can try going to the next step.  If he gets frustrated or angry with himself this will be counter productive, as stress (which isn't good for anyone) is particularly harmful to folks with UC.

FPO stephanier
Joined Nov 14, 2011

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