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Trying to support my husband with his anxiety with Covid and his Crohn's

Tue, March 01, 2022 2:06 PM


My husband is 46 and was diagnosed in 2019 with Crohn's disease. He takes Humira. It was hard but, ok. And then Covid hit and it has been extremely stressful. He is constantly very worried about getting Covid and dying, as any news stories or data on CDC, from his gastro doctor, etc. all say he is immunocompromised, therefore must take extra precautions like not seeing others indoors. He's been vaccinated with 2 boosters. I feel much less concerned about him getting severly sick, which then makes him think i don't care abou him. I really want to see other people indoors, but we can't, because he thinks he could die. 
Can anyone relate? Any helpful ideas, suggestions for how to deal with this? I'm trying to find research and anything to say that he is actually just as safe as someone not taking Humira, or at least not as severly impacted as others who are immunocompromised. But I can't. Anyway, its been so hard for us and just looking for anyone else who can relate.

FPO jessers
Joined Mar 1, 2022

Wed, August 03, 2022 5:52 PM

Reply posted for jessers.

Hi - my husband also has Crohn's. We can relate to this as well. I can tell you that a couple of months ago, he did get sick with Covid after a small get together with 4 friends who were all vaccinated. When he started to feel sick with a fever, I used an at home test for Covid on him, which was positive. We had a call with his doctor and they prescribed paxlovid. He was a candidate due to his remicade, and he had developed symptoms only a day ago. You need to start treatment within a couple of days of getting symptoms, so it is important to test when you get sick. The next day, I picked up his prescription and he started feeling better within a couple of hours of taking the medicine. We are no longer concerned since now there are vaccines and treatments. I hope this information helps.

FPO Mkuttab
Joined Aug 3, 2022

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