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Losing Weight while taking medicine

Thu, December 06, 2018 12:06 PM

Hey all, My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with crohns 2 yrs. He has been struggling with his weight and can't seem to knock it off. Unlike most crohns patient he has significant weight and is really trying to lose it. Most of his weight is in his stomach. It has almost been a year since he had re-sect surgery on his ileum. And he is no longer on prednisone. He was able to lose 20lbs being on ketone diet. But had to get off because it caused other health issues for him. Anyways just looking for suggestions that others have done to lose weight. He is currently taking Stelara which has kind of alleviate symptoms for Crohn's. I don't think the side effect is weight gain but i'm not sure.

FPO Elarkiy
Joined Dec 6, 2018

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