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Crohn’s flare/I’m going insane

Sun, February 17, 2019 5:52 PM

I have had Crohn’s for 10 years...
And when I flare I still struggle with WHAT TO EAT! I am currently mashing carrot and potato and drinking plenty of water ... which I feel like even that makes me need to use the toilet :/ I have been eating gluten free tortillas which I microwave for a few secs, what do you guys eat when flaring? For some background I cannot tolerate seeds/skins or raw fruits/veggies I am so scared to try anything new as I don’t want to get worse I’m using the toilet on average 10x daily and the blood has increased with coagulated mucus also.. any help is SO APPRECIATED even suggestions of supplements and absolutely anything just need some help! 

FPO Grinchy73
Joined Feb 17, 2019

Tue, April 02, 2019 11:08 AM

Reply posted for Grinchy73.

I am currently taking Modulen IBD (a powder form supplement) only diet. So basically I mix a few scoops with water and basically thats my meal. I just started it today after my doctor recommended it. I feel slightly better as it sort of puts my bowels at rest. I can take clear soup but cannot take anything else while i am on the modulen diet. You may try ensure only diet as well. But make sure you know how many scoops/ the amount of that supplement you have to take daily to make sure you are not losing out on nutrients. You may consult your specialist or dietician. I take 12 scoops of modulen with 500ml water per meal and I have this 5 times (so total 2500 calories) in order to gain weight. If not this, you may try liquid only diet as well but also being careful of the amount of nutrients you are getting. Wish you the best.

FPO Jacmob
Joined Apr 2, 2019

Sun, February 24, 2019 3:05 AM

Reply posted for Grinchy73.

I am trying hummus an dry crackers as snacks, soups like vegetable or pumpkin with coconut milk, banana smoothies, runny porridge. Even that is getting a bit bland. White toast with peanut butter when I can manage it.

FPO andreajrobinson
Joined Feb 24, 2019

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