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New to Stelara

Mon, May 20, 2019 8:47 PM

I formally was on Humira for 6 years and I started developing sensitivities and rashes and other symptoms with Humira. My GI doctor and rheumatologist switch me to Stelara, for my Crones and psoriatic arthritis. Since receiving the IV on Friday 17th, I have experienced severe fatigue, feeling of heaviness throughout my entire body, very low energy levels, and mouth ulcerations. I also have EDS, psoriatic arthritis, Mast Cell Activation disorder, pots. The symptoms are new not due to my other conditions. Has anyone else experienced this upon starting? If so how long did it take to adjust to the medication? Aimee1

FPO Aimee1
Joined May 20, 2019

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