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What helped me

Fri, January 31, 2020 1:57 AM

I have ulcerative colitis and I just wanted to write this post because when I was flaring often I would end up on message boards and I would see a lot of people echoing each other and worried desperately looking for advice sometimes parents of young children. I don't wanna give a long story here but I went through the trenches with this disease like I know some of you have. Can't eat this can't eat that. Flared for a few years. I was to the point Humira 1 shot every two weeks was not working. Even the prednisone I was taking wasnt really working. Multiple bloody stools a day I was in a bad place. Then one day I was happened to go into a grocery store in a Asian neighborhood and for some reason I bought some goji berries I don't know why I bought them and I ate all of them. I didn't think anything of it the next day I felt better and for the first time in a long time I didnt have a bloody bowel movement. I couldn't believe it I still had some gas pressure but no blood. I then started taking about 4000 IU of vitamin D per day and the gas pressure stopped as well. That was 2 years ago and that was my last flare I still take 2 mesalamine lialda pills per day 4000 IU of vitamin D and about 2 servings of goji berries. and now I drink 3 cups of coffee a day pizza candy some times. I don't feel like Im crippled by this stupid disease. I just wanted to share this it's worth a shot. Your never cured they say but I feel like I am.

FPO Adonis88
Joined Jan 31, 2020

Thu, March 26, 2020 6:27 AM

Reply posted for Roseberry.

I am suffering from severe ulcerative colitus since 1 and half year. I was unknown that i am suffering from ulcerative colitus just recently came to know. I was having severe diarrhea from last 1 and half years no matter what i eat i was havinh diarrhea life is too painful for me.
dr ask me for calprotectin it was 72. But my condition getting worse he said i am having ulcerative colitus but he need to do colonoscopy which i am afraid of and i refused and i prescribe me to use LIALDA 4g a day.
when i read your measage i found little hope from darkness which goji berries you used dried form? Is 4g is not very high potency medicine? How should i control my symptoms?
also how you are using vitamin D 4000IU daily i am not finding such potency in my local pharmacy.
what are your timings for use?
please i am waiting for your reaponse as your post is little hope for me


FPO Roseberry
Joined Mar 26, 2020

Sun, March 22, 2020 7:55 PM

Reply posted for Adonis88.

Interesting.. Vitamin D, you say?  I'll look into the science behind that and see if there's anything to be found out in that department.  :)

FPO Oliverian
Joined Mar 22, 2020

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