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Advice on natural ways to treat ulcerative colitis

Sun, July 14, 2019 5:04 PM


I am 27 and have recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, after 2 months of bleeding stools and a 5 day hospital stay. I am currently taking 3 medications, 1 of which prevents me from having another child because of the danger to a fetus. I was a full time student and worked a full time job until I had to drop out of school and quit my job from a 20lb weight loss that has me like a skeleton. I am desperate to get off of these medications that make me feel miserable and nauseous and prevents me from having another child. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on a permanent lifestyle change that can prevent flare ups? 

I have always been a healthy eater and very active. After doing research and reading success stories from diet changes I have changed my eating habits to an all vegan/fruits and veggies only diet. I have been successful for the past few days and feel amazing. I have an amazing amount of energy and feel like I did before the symptoms began, minus my 20lbs. Has anyone been on this diet long term and been able to keep off the medication completely? Right now I am not sure if my diet change has prompted my improved health or the medications have finally started doing their job. 

This diet is very restrictive but I believe I am able to keep it up if I know I can have another healthy pregnancy and remain off medications. Any insight, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for listening!


FPO ehudson
Joined Jul 14, 2019

Sun, September 01, 2019 10:31 AM

Reply posted for ehudson.

Hi Emily,
I hope you are doing well.  I was also hospitialized for weeks years ago with severe UC.  I stayed in remission for some years on Imuran and Apriso.
I have had a great deal of success with the probiotic drink milk kefir.  I suggest you research the benefits of kefir. I have been making and drinking 1 cup of kefir in a fruit smoothie everyday for a few years now, and after slowly tapering down Imuran, with my doctor's advice, I now only take Apriso and am doing great.  For years whenever I tried to lower the dosage I always had to increase it back up.
Someone recently posted about the IBD-AID Allowable Food List. I was surprised to see Kefir is on it.  It's ok to drink during the remission intermitten symptom, and active flare phases.  It has a good amount of calcium and protein and in 24-48 hours turns any milk 99% lactose free.  
I've heard of the probiotic VSL #3 (visbiome) and activia yogurt recommended.  Homemade kefir has many more probiotic strains as they have, and beneficial yeasts they don't.  It's inexpensive to make and and restores the good  bacteria in your gut.
My wife and family all love it.
It's important to have a GI doc you like and respect.  You shouldn't stop or lower any meds without your doctor's advice.  UC can turn bad very quickly.  You have to be patient. 

FPO UCGeezer
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