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dealing with my husband's UC

Mon, November 04, 2019 6:42 AM

my husband was diagnosed with US in 2016 and he is on medication since then. last year we was admitted in the hospital due to CMV infection and he was in remission post that. However he had a flare again this year in July and since then his doc has increased the dosage. inflammation seems to come down as no of stools has reduced to one. but he is having on and off episode of blood in stool from past couple of weeks. i am not sure what is causing it. he has no other symptoms. any suggestion/advice what can be done.

FPO ssim71
Joined Nov 4, 2019

Fri, November 29, 2019 8:50 PM

Reply posted for ssim71.

Sounds similar to my case. I was diagnosed with CMV colitis/UC last year. Since then I've been on Apriso and it seems to work pretty well. Although I did seem to get an ineffective batch that as soon as I received my refill the symptoms went away. 

I've had success with a vegan diet recently. He may try that. If there is blood more than just on toilet paper, the flare is still active. Possibly diet without dairy or meat might help it clear more quickly. 

Joined Nov 29, 2019

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