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How can I help my son

Tue, July 25, 2023 1:18 PM

My son was diagnosed earlier this year with UC. He's had all the symptoms for so long, but resisited going to the doc. His case is somewhat severe, but the biologic is helping the bleeding and the pain. His issue is that he cannot "hold it" and has had multiple accidents, even in his own home. I know this is a very personal issue, but I just wan't to hold him again to help like he was 5. But he's 36 and that won't fly living across the country. Thank goodness he works remote, but this is affecting his personal life. He is even afraid to shop at the grocery store. 
Anyone else have this issue? Any advice?

A very worried mom...

FPO Nicks mom
Joined Jul 25, 2023

Tue, August 22, 2023 4:27 PM

Reply posted for Nicks mom.

Hi, I am sorry to hear how much your son has been struggling. When I was first diagnosed I was also really worried to leave the house becuase I would not know where the nearest bathroom was and dealth with urgency issues. Hopefully once the biologic has more time to work these issues will resolve, but in the mean time he can ask his doctor about other ways to treat loose urgent stools. I take immodium which helps to reduce the number of times I have to go to the bathroom in a day and there are prescription medications that he can look into as well. Another consideration would be to try to use diet to treat these issues until the medication does its job. I used the Specific Carbohydrate Diet when I was first diagnosed and noticed immediate results with improved symptoms. I hope he is able to find what works best for him, good luck!

FPO aleahmd
Joined Sep 8, 2022

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