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Camping with a flare up?

Sat, July 31, 2021 5:49 PM

Hey, I am off on an amazing trip across Scotland wild camping and canoeing, however with the trip a week away, I am experiencing a little bit of a flare up and am nervous about managing that while around new people and where we might be in the wilderness quite a bit. I've been so excited about this trip for ages and I don't want this to ruin it, but I was wondering if anyone else has been travelling with a group or camping while managing symptoms and has any advice/tips/tricks to just make things easier or more comfortable while travelling?

Joined Jul 31, 2021

Tue, August 02, 2022 4:03 PM

Reply posted for DPE.

I am new to IBD. We went camping recently and I was in a mild flare. We used a little tent (made for the purpose) with a foldable toilet and a bag to hold the goods. Worked pretty good was close and easy to access. had to use it one time in the night. The bag must be thrown into the trash so its just fold it right and toss. Kind of weird to be taking care of my own waste but I am not very squimish.

Its something we do when boondocking also just to keep down our footprint. 

Good luck to you!

FPO Krazy2paint
Joined Aug 2, 2022

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