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Gut and eye inflammation

Sun, July 07, 2019 1:44 PM

Hi all!! I’m 24 and have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease for about 3 years and also have been battling infrequent Uveitis flares. I can usually kick the Uveitis flares using Steroid and Pressure eye drops in a couple of months but I’ve since seen a new Uveitis specialist. He stated that without my gut issues he would like to put me on an immunosuppressant to illuminate the Uveitis flares... taking my Crohn’s disease into consideration he would like me to see my GI to evaluate my Crohn’s and then possibly be placed on a biological such as Humira. I’m reaching out in hopes that someone has experience in this area! Any recommendations on what to do or what worked best for you? I’m a little lost, scared and apprehensive of going on an immunosuppressant or biologic all together... thank you in advance!

FPO Cleshon
Joined Jul 7, 2019

Thu, August 15, 2019 10:41 PM

Reply posted for Cleshon.

Sorry to hear you’re going through this! My symptoms started with uveitis. I had frequent uveitis flares for about 3 years before any other IBD symptoms began. Steroid eye drops always stopped those flares immediately but of course the frequent check ups while on the drops are a real hassle.

When I was finally diagnosed with indeterminate colitis and started treating the colon (with lialda) my uveitis flares also stopped (almost) completely. After 4 years in remission I recently had another major colon and uveitis flare and have started Humira. So far so good. It’s true that treating your IBD symptoms will fix your eyes as well.

Joined Aug 15, 2019

Thu, July 18, 2019 6:48 PM

Reply posted for Cleshon.

I have crohn’s and have had one case of uveitis. Since your uveitis is infrequent, maybe you should just continue to treat it with the drops and not start taking a powerful drug for the crohn’s just yet. 

FPO Claudia
Joined Jul 12, 2019

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