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Corona Virus and Remicade infusions indecision

Sat, March 21, 2020 3:03 PM

Hi all,
I'm facing the decision to get my Remicade infusion on Tuesday morn when we are all on lock down for the virus. 

Here is my concern:  I could be in remission right now but continue the Remicade in case I am not. But, if I get an immuno suppressant and accidentally get the virus it would reduce my bodies capability to fight it. 

I know the CDC and IBS sites say to get the infusion because a flare could mean prednisone and hosptalization. Well if I get the infusion AND get the virus that would mean probable hospitalization too. 

Its a perplexing decision for me and any input is welcomed.         

FPO Jennie RC
Joined Mar 21, 2020

Thu, November 05, 2020 9:45 PM

Reply posted for rbridges.

I would continue your remacade i am a firefighter paramedic first responder I was totally freaked out with the corona virus ibecause I take 900 mg every month of remacade and methotrexate but having uc was making life terrible, but after alot of research my belief is that uc causes the body to have a over active immune response to inflamation, by taking remacade it stops the body from causing inflammation the corona virus attacks the lungs and other body parts by causing micro blood clots from inflamation so if you can stop your body from over reacting this drug may be beneficial to your health but do take proper precautions for the virus.

FPO Firestormer
Joined Nov 5, 2020

Tue, June 30, 2020 10:43 PM

Reply posted for zhaans.

I would wear a mask , have your hand sanitizer handy and get the infusion. I have gotten my infusion all through this corona virus thing and have done fine.

FPO rbridges
Joined Jun 30, 2020

Tue, June 30, 2020 10:41 PM

Reply posted for zhaans.

I would wear a mask , have your hand sanitizer handy and get the infusion. I have gotten my infusion all through this corona virus thing and have done fine.

FPO rbridges
Joined Jun 30, 2020

Mon, May 18, 2020 7:24 AM

Reply posted for codyrosemansome.

I have crohns and live in Begamo , the epicenter of coronavirus in Europe. It pretty much doesnt get worse than here.

My doc, who works at the main epicenter hospital for cornoavirus, suggested we prolong the period between treatments a little. I am taking the injections, but the implications are the same. And my friend on Remicade is getting hers in a off site location away from the hospital. We are high risk so I have been in  total isolation for 90 days. We were told to take our temp daily and keep a log. At the sign of the mildest issue, to keep very careful track  of your suptoms and call your doc.

I agree dont risk your remission, but take extreme caution. 

FPO zhaans
Joined May 18, 2020

Sat, March 21, 2020 10:34 PM

Reply posted for LisaCarol.

Hi Jennie and all,

I am in a similar situation and will be following the replies.  I have one additional, related question.

Jennie, my immediate thought for you is have you investigated if you can get your infusion at home.  

I, too, am scheduled for remicade on Tuesday.  I have had mild  flu symptoms for about 4 days.  I have not been tested for COVID-19 per my GI's protocol.  I live in Paris, France now and the guidance is to skip this treatment, which is logical.  

But I can find no information on when I can receive it.  Is it safe to reschedule as soon as my symptoms clear.  I am not in remission and so  want the infusion  as soon as safe and possible.

I have not found any information on when to restart.  If anyone has seen any articles or opinions on this topic I would appreciate it.

Jennie, best of luck, and I hope we get some input from someone very soon.


FPO LisaCarol
Joined Mar 21, 2020

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