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My years of experience

I am a closeted Crohn's patient!  I say this with much humor and a great deal of self-esteem. I have always attempted to deal wit my disease with grace and dignity.  Below is a list of the things I have learned.
1. Know more about the disease than your doctor, not the technical stuff so much, but what the disease does to you and how you can best control it.
2. Choose doctors and surgeons that you like. The chemistry between doctor and patient is very important.
3. Learn to live with your disease not against it. It is a part of you and is not going away.
4. Learn what you can and cannot eat. Your diet  is a vital part of managing your disease.
5. Learn what you can and cannot do. Over-doing can be a real negative in managing your life.
6. Mitigate the embarrassing moments. For example, don't wait when the urge to go to the bathroom. The result will be much worse.
7. Work, school, hobbies will take your mind off the issues of the disease.
8. Don't use the disease as an excuse. Do what you love, just do it in moderation.
9. Be open to making changes in your life. No matter what change will occur.
10. Remember your dreams, and keep dreaming. You can accomplish anything you just might have to take a different path to get there.

Good luck to all.
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