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Crohns Disease Diagnosing a Flare

Hi, I am new to this-first post.I have had Crohn's for 35 years and 5 surgeries. I also have a condition know as Anklylosing Spondylitis which is common in Crohn's patients after years of prednisone. It hits my spine next with sometimes severe pain, When this happens I know my Crohn's is acting up as well. These illnesses go hand in hand. others may have developed othe complication form Crohn's I am sure I am SO Frustrated with the lack of knowledge that many non-gastro doctors have related to this illness and even some actual Gastro Doctors,. I know my body and I know I am my best advocate. There have been many times I end up in the ER with Crohn's Related Symptoms  and they do the "routine" Blood Work, CT scan fluids, pain medicine and nausea medicine. After competition I ALWAYS seem to get "OK your Blood work is fine and CRT scan looks normal so I am sending you home. NO NO NO I know what can happen during the days of my flares and I have to argue my case for admission for 4-5 days.Some times I can convince the doctor nut sometimes they will not listen to me and treat me like a criminal. I have all my Medical records they called a covering Crohn's Doctor not my primary. I still get a NO and I am basically kicked out on the street. The next day in one case I had to go right back the next day and ended in the ICU because my sodium levels dropped and my kidneys were shutting down. I think our doctors need more training on Crohn's. Can any one relate?.
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