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At first I thought it was good posioning

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Wow... where to start....
it all began when I was leaving Montana late last summer on September and I was set out on the adventure of a lifetime with some great friends. The goal to travel from Montana all the way down the west coast and back up to Minnesota where I am from. Somewhere along the way I noticed my body getting sick but I couldn't place my finger on what it was. After I made dinner one night, at least point I was by myself and thank god I was, (one thing I've decided to make aware to people is that Crohn's makes life painful and sometimes disgusting but I keep laughing anyways because let's face it we can't help or control or bathroom issues) so late this night I got up to use the bathroom about 10 times and four of those times was to throw up as well... at first I thought it was food poisoning but it proceeded to last the entire next day and I still didn't feel the greatest at day 3 either. Still I'm traveling so no where permanent to hang out and my next stop was to see a friend in Vegas. Well I ended up feeling while there so I drank and had fun still ate whatever. Two days later I felt like crap again this time I had someone driving with me so she could pull over for me at every gas station possible. It was a lot and I have never felt worse for someone that was with me. I laugh at it now because I didn't know then I had something seriously wrong with me. Anyways a few days go by and at this pint I'm thinking my lactose intolerance is coming back hard with a vengeance so I'll cut out dairy. I feel okay for a week or two still bathroom problems but not as bad! Then I get sick again and at the most inconvenient time possible because I was suppose to attend a friends wedding but I was sick for 4 days this time. Every time I was so confused because I never had a fever but throwing up and diarrhea were unstoppable. So next guess at what I'm putting in my body was making this happen: gluten. I cut out dairy and gluten now. Life is getting a little sad now. Again, I felt better for one or two weeks. December 8th, first time I get admitted to Hospital via ER after my Urgent care doctor who I'd been seeing the past two weeks finally ordered a Cat scan and they thought I had volvulous or a bowel obstruction. It was a bowel obstruction. After some serious inflammation went down they performed a barium enema... 😩 As well as x-rays, colonoscopy and endoscopy. They said they thought I had ulcerative colitis but couldn't be sure until my tests came back. They sent me home after 6 days and I felt fine, only medication was Vicodin in case of pain. I was okay for a month on a low residue, low fiber diet. Here comes the new year, January 8th admitted to historical via ER for the 2nd time only this time I had uncontrollable vomiting as well. Super. This time they did another CT scan, more X-rays, another nasty thing to drink and then after some more major inflammation went down they performed a 2nd colonoscopy only this time they could go higher into my smal intestine and they were sure I had Crohn's only this time I had a structure to go along with it that was 10cm in length. I seriously hate strictures. No fun. After 6 days here they sent me home this time on predisone, some nausea pills and pain pills just in case. They referred me to a specialist for the surgery and I changed my GI doctor during this time too I was on predisone for a month and a half still eating only a few things a day whatever didn't make sick. (Potatoes, eggs, avocados, and pancakes was literally what I lived on until I had surgery in April.) my new GI doctor switched me off of predisone to entocort and I weened myself off of that two weeks before my surgery day of April 27th. I was so incredibly scared that I would end up in the hospital before my surgery to remove my stricture because I was getting taken off the one medication that made me feel okay finally, even though they are terribly damaging for your body. But I made it to my surgery with no problems. So I had my stricture removed and basically my insides were a complete mess. They tried doing it laparoscopically but my small intestines and sigmoid colon were fusing together, I already had a 1cm perforation that was forming a fistula, my intestines were fusing to my appendix and it was seriously all a crazy mess inside me. Today I have a 6 inch scar starting just above my belly button from the surgery that seriously made me feel like a whole new person today. During the surgery they remove doctors my ileum, cercum?, and appendix in total they removed 19.5 cm of intestinal matter that was 3.8 cm wide almost 3 times too big. 😱 Today I feel incredibly blessed that I have felt good for over two months. I still can't eat raw fruits and vegetables but I juice a lot of them and my body digests that seriously perfect. I go to the bathroom at most 5 times a day but usually only 2 or 3 and they are ALL solid usually unless I try to eat something I shouldn't, like not cooked or juiced veggies or fruit. I cut out meat because I believe it's causing a lot of problems for a lot of people, I still don't eat dairy or gluten. I'm pretty much a vegan but I will eat eggs on occasion or put them on recipes. I honestly believe the surgery probably helped a lot but the diet side of things is what is making me stay this way! I'm going to continue to do what I'm doing and I'll keep you guys posted about my progress, also I haven't had this much energy since I can't remember when. Everything has changed for me the past couple months and couldn't be more thankful! I hope others find things that work for them too! Bless you all dealing with rough times! 😘
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Joined Jul 6, 2017
Diagnosed: 2017

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