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listen to your body

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 After reading a few of the post here something urged me to tell my story. I have never written on a post before and tend to keep to my self. You might say this is out of my comfort zone. But something inside of me thinks my story may spread a little hope.

  I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2005, but it took 9 years to get the diagnoses. And before that I was too young and carefree to tell my parents that "my tummy hurt". From 2005 to 2012 I was able to manage the Crohn's with diet and rest, and on again off again mess. The anxiety and depression that came with it are a different story. Anyway then 2012 came and my first child came into the world. Rest was no longer a friend of mine and the Crohn's hit me like a semi. Literally, there was blood everywhere! After a few lengthy stays in the hospital I was given Remicade which gave me my life back. A life I hadn't experienced since I was 12. It lasted for two weeks, then symptoms began to return. After 3 years on Remicade the old symptoms and new ones from the Remicade pushed me to a breaking point and I snapped! 

I changed everything in my life and I am now symptom free.

I have been Remicade free for almost a year now (along with all other medication (anti depressants)) and symptom free for almost 2 years.  

As I write this I am reflecting and it's emotional. These diseases are scarring. They can shape us into things we never would've imagined. But they aren't invincible. Never give up hope, or feel bad for yourself. Because honestly it's wasted energy you could put into getting better.

I spent 12 years with being o.k. with my life, always thinking it could be worse, which made things tolerable. Then one day I had the thought "it's all perfect" and I was optimistic and willing to try everything with a open mind. Now I am symptom free!

Now what worked for me was changing my thought patterns. Let me explain. And stay with me here. I changed my thoughts to reduce stress which in turn allowed my immune and digestive systems to function more efficiently.  I know it may sound nuts, but research effects of stress on both the digestive and immune system. 

Now I did not write this to advertise clear thinking as a way to cure Crohn's. Because what works for one person does not always work for the rest. I share my story to give you hope. When we keep hoping, we keep living. 

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Chase McDonnell
Joined Sep 20, 2017
Location: Saskatoon Canada
Diagnosed: 2006

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