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Battles with UC

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I was diagnosed with UC in 2008 and it has been hard coping with a chronic condition.  Understanding that your life has suddenly changed is not easy, especially if your family does not realize at first how this affects your daily life.  In the beginning it was hard controlling the disease and learning what medications worked best for me.  Changing my diet and coping with stress have been the most challenging, especially stress, since it seems to be the culprit of my flare ups.  I haven't  had a flare up since the summer of 2016.  Nowadays I try to work out 5 times a week and I incorporate Yoga once in a while to help out with stress and since my body tolerates carbohydrates more than foods with too much fiber, the workouts help a lot.  I take daily supplements of fish oil, Boswellia and Tumeric along with  ASACOL, which seems to be working pretty well for now.
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Joined Jan 30, 2018
Location: KATY, Texas
Diagnosed: 2008

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