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Ulcerative Colitis is not always easy

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I was diagnosed in December 2010. I spent a week in the hospital between Christmas and New Year's Eve. That was the worse Christmas of my life. Beforehand, I spent about 3 weeks being sick and running to the bathroom with diarrhea. Seen many doctors and they kept telling me I had a stomach virus. I've always been a healthy individual so I knew something else was wrong. Finally, I passed out in the shower one morning and my sister took me to the hospital. I begged them to admit me to figure out what was really going on. They finally did and I got an answer. After the getting out of the hospital, I was put on Lialda and prednisone. By February 2011, I was off prednisone and feeling like myself. I also gained back my weight I lost (I was down to 98lbs). About a year or 2, I stopped taking Lialda. I stayed in remission until about 2015. I started back on Lialda and my symptoms calmed down. In 2016, I had another one. It started at the end of 2016 and I was in remission in August 2017 (thanks to prednisone since Lialda did nothing). This flare up was only strong urges (I needed to go right then!), always had blood in my stools and mucus (no diarrhea). It was more irritating than painful. I flared again in Dec 2017 until Feb 2018. I started using mesalmine enema. I wish I would have been given them sooner. They work within 2 weeks for me. If I see blood in my stool and feel that urge, I start using them. I hope they continue working. I still take Lialda every day. My doctor has mentioned putting me on Humira if these medications stop working. I hope I don't have to deal with humira ever! 
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Joined Feb 27, 2018
Location: Virginia
Diagnosed: 2010

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