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FInding Strength In Pain

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Hey Guys, My name is Jordan, and I wanted to share a little bit about myself, and I also wanted to let everyone know that I just recently started a blog and would love if you guys could come visit my site and read it! I really want to become an advocate for IBD, and want to be able to spread awareness, positivity, strength, support, and encouragement. Like I am sure you all know, living with IBD can be a struggle, and i think it would be helpful for myself, and the hope would be for others to to get my story out there, because with doing that I hope to be able to bring something good out of this disease, so if it is able to help or impact even just one person, I believe that in some way this would all be worth it. I want to help people find the good out of the bad, and I have had a crazy journey with my disease, and have been on every single medication in the book, i have also had a bowel resection with an ileostomy and a reversal, I have tried different diets and lifestyles, been in and out of the hospital, have never been in remission or given any sort of break. I was diagnosed when I was very young, and am coming up on 12 years now having Crohn's. Since i have had this, and I believe that there was meant to be some good to this, I believe that i was meant to share my story, and that is something that God intended me to do, so with that i really hope you guys check out my website, and hopefully comment and ask questions and advice, and contribute to my blog as well! My site is https://www.findingstrengthinpainlifeofmexoxo.com 
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Joined Mar 28, 2018
Diagnosed: 2006

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